PFS: Jade Regent

A Rude Awakening

"Along Comes a Splider"

The shorthanded caravan experienced a boon with the coming of Anansi, an honest rogue with a desire for glory. His joining came none too soon, as a bartender’s tip took our band down to the docks of Roderic’s Cove to investigate a dubious Ulfen pair, White Wolf and Old One Eye.

With very little discussion, the group sprung into action to bring down the pirates led by White Wolf. Unfortunately, he was able to get away, but not before Tiberiu and Anansi had brought freedom to four slaves and Malhon made off with two prisoners. With some questionable interrogation methods, the party learned of an internal power struggle among the bandits and confirmed their desire to kidnap Tian women. Anansi showed his belief in the power of the payoff by “hiring” the prisoners in order to neutralize their interference.

Our heroes then took to the road and tracked down a runaway wagon from an ambush site. In the process, they discovered a girl whose family had been kidnapped by ogres. In an effort to keep the girl from becoming an orphan, team Elf and robot took down three ogres with much daring and rescued the family. The teenage girl joined the caravan as a cook in order to show her gratitude (also commonly referred to as getting away from your family).

The eclectic ensemble then bonded by the fireside. Anansi sought to extend his hand in friendship to each within the party. Some were more responsive than others, but he is persistent in his goodwill. Tiberiu discussed theology with Koya. And Malhon regrets pursuing Griska as his eyes now turn to Ameiko. Yet it is not love on Ameiko’s mind as she has been troubled by nightmares and worries that have yet to be fully explained.

The White Wolf returned in the middle of the night and tried to kidnap Ameiko for a second time. Malhon and Anansi are beaten unconscious, but Tiberiu, Shillelu, and Smokey were victorious and the Wolf is put down. Yet in a ghastly display, his corpse delivered a message of future evil yet to come. There will surely be no rest for the weary.


LorraineHarrington Cfoot

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