PFS: Jade Regent

Out With the Old, In With the New

The Ol' Switcheroo

Nikolai had been harboring reservations about Dinilo since the beginning, given Dinilo’s obvious Sczarni affiliation, but between the violent outburst in Galduria and the absolute bungling of the situation in Wolf’s Ear, it was clear that action needed to be taken. Sandru was difficult to convince, but Nikolai’s calm logic persevered, and in the end, the pair confronted Dinilo and sent him fleeing into the night—after returning the healing potions he’d drawn from the company supplies.

Dinilo will no doubt come back some day; sociopaths like that are rarely content to accept defeat. However, for all his battle prowess, he is not so foolish as to confront Nikolai and Sandru together … at least not yet.

Although Dinilo’s presence was not missed, his role in the caravan did need to be filled—serendipitously, the next morning, an awkward young half-elf named Seros Kyddan arrived. Known to Koya as a friend of her mother’s, he explained that he had made a promise to the late Madame Mvashti that he would accompany Koya should she ever take a trip out of Sandpoint—and that he had been off in the wilderness when she so abruptly packed up and left with the caravan. Accordingly, he has been chasing after for several days, and has only just caught up.


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