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Previously on East Bound and Down

The Ups and Downs of the Road

Previously on East Bound and Down:
Dinilo was banished by Sandru and Nikolai. The mysterious Seros the Entangler joined the caravan.

Our intrepid heroes exposed a corrupt sheriff in Wolf’s Ear. Taika masterfully distracted law enforcement by creating a domestic dispute, which resulted with the introduction of Mama Griska (along with her bucket) and the incarceration of Tiberiu. Nikolai and Malhon stole the phony gem used by the sheriff to manipulate the town and gave it to the farmers collective. Nikolai leads the collective into town to confront the sheriff (uses special ability incite riot 1/day) and the sheriff is struck down (Smokey delivers the killing blow). The town is reestablished under new leadership and Tiberiu is released.

The caravan heads through the Churlwood and is met by some Ulfen riders, who originally pass by but later ambush the party. The riders attempt to kidnap Ameiko and Taika but are thwarted. Ameiko is dramatically rescued by Malhon, but not before falling less than gracefully from her assailant’s horse.

Then a flurry of mysterious and supernatural activity takes place. While searching for the bandit’s horses (which are not recovered), Malhon has a vision of Gorum giving him extremely formidable armor only to awaken to find no such armor. The party also learns that Seros and Taika are gone. The band limps into Roderic’s Cove with a cloud of uncertainty hanging over their head. They also learn of the presence of more northern raiders in the town, which will have to be confronted.

Adventure Hooks:
Brinewall mystery
What happened to the horses in the Churlwood?
Who are these raiders from the North?
Why were the raiders looking to kidnap Tian women?


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