PFS: Jade Regent

The Allegory of the Cave


Today our heroes protagonists wandered about in the wilderness like drunks with ADHD. First they went back to the goblin village and set out after the skeletons, but then they got distracted from that and set out after the soggy river monster’s slime trail. Then they got distracted by a weird rat thing in a house that fell over. The rat thing remains unidentified.

Then they got distracted again by a ship they were passing, wherein they found some loot. Finally they tracked the river monster(s) back to their lair and then ran like hell because they were big and ugly.

They camped with their halfling friend for the night then set out for the second boat, found not much, and finally went into a cavern where they had to fight off a swarm of undead and then some undead samurai or something and got some loot. With that loot, they managed to become relatively wealthy as far as the WBL table is concerned, and begin the plot shenanigans that moves the campaign forward.

Adventure hooks from last time:

  1. Why was the Faceless Stalker replacing the Warden?
  2. What’s the deal with that pale little swamp monster thing?
  3. What’s up with the skeletons?
  4. What’s the cave marked on the map?
  5. What’s with the two ships marked on the map?
  6. What’s the deal with that rumor about ghouls in the graveyard?
  7. Where were the goblins getting fireworks?
  8. What’s the giant red bird that appears before accidents?
  9. Rumors say a big black dragon has been seen near Mosswood.

New adventure hooks:

  1. Brinewall!


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