PFS: Jade Regent

Rest in Peace
"Hugs from Bugs"

The heros return to Brinewall castle in an effort to find a way to deliver Amekio from her coma and uncover more clues about past events. They uncover evidence of riots in the town, a battle againsts large axe wielders, and a ninja vs. barbarian showdown. They also have some showdowns of their own versus an evil cleric (who lost his religion thanks to a disarming android), a bug that gave some bad touches, and a sadistic fey with a taxidermy fetish. All are put down through keen tactics, superior firepower, and a little something we like to call blind luck. The party lays to rest all the remains of the victims of their dispatched foes in the graveyard of Desna and meet a new spritly ally. In spite of the rest given to the fallen, more of the keep must be cleared out before true peace and restoration can come to Brinwall.

Sleeping Beauty
"The Wight Stuff"

While still celebrating the hard fought victory over the Ulfen raiders, the party is joined by Snow Strike, a curious beast and friend of Ameiko. He brings innumerable talents to the party along with his long-suffering affection for its leader. Yet even with this additional care for her well being, Ameiko’s condition worsens and she slips into a magical coma.

In an effort to free her from this stasis, the group hurriedly advances to Brinewall and scours the abandoned town for answers. They find a glassworks that reminds them of Ameiko’s family history along with abandoned longboats and a drake carcass. They also discover the crypt of an admiral in a well kept cemetery.

As the party enters the keep, they are aggressively met by bird men with no common understanding. Advancing to the courtyard, they are ambushed by spider webs and inhabitants of that environ. Yet the most bizarre encounter comes within the great hall, as the heroes are waylaid by thespian avians, whose refaced director disappears before their eyes.

Finally they are met by the dragon-helmet clad relative of Ameiko, who has long been deceased. The battle takes its toil, but the champions of the unconscious beauty are victorious. They regroup in camp to heal from their wounds and prepare to make a deeper run into Brinewall.

A Rude Awakening
"Along Comes a Splider"

The shorthanded caravan experienced a boon with the coming of Anansi, an honest rogue with a desire for glory. His joining came none too soon, as a bartender’s tip took our band down to the docks of Roderic’s Cove to investigate a dubious Ulfen pair, White Wolf and Old One Eye.

With very little discussion, the group sprung into action to bring down the pirates led by White Wolf. Unfortunately, he was able to get away, but not before Tiberiu and Anansi had brought freedom to four slaves and Malhon made off with two prisoners. With some questionable interrogation methods, the party learned of an internal power struggle among the bandits and confirmed their desire to kidnap Tian women. Anansi showed his belief in the power of the payoff by “hiring” the prisoners in order to neutralize their interference.

Our heroes then took to the road and tracked down a runaway wagon from an ambush site. In the process, they discovered a girl whose family had been kidnapped by ogres. In an effort to keep the girl from becoming an orphan, team Elf and robot took down three ogres with much daring and rescued the family. The teenage girl joined the caravan as a cook in order to show her gratitude (also commonly referred to as getting away from your family).

The eclectic ensemble then bonded by the fireside. Anansi sought to extend his hand in friendship to each within the party. Some were more responsive than others, but he is persistent in his goodwill. Tiberiu discussed theology with Koya. And Malhon regrets pursuing Griska as his eyes now turn to Ameiko. Yet it is not love on Ameiko’s mind as she has been troubled by nightmares and worries that have yet to be fully explained.

The White Wolf returned in the middle of the night and tried to kidnap Ameiko for a second time. Malhon and Anansi are beaten unconscious, but Tiberiu, Shillelu, and Smokey were victorious and the Wolf is put down. Yet in a ghastly display, his corpse delivered a message of future evil yet to come. There will surely be no rest for the weary.

Previously on East Bound and Down
The Ups and Downs of the Road

Previously on East Bound and Down:
Dinilo was banished by Sandru and Nikolai. The mysterious Seros the Entangler joined the caravan.

Our intrepid heroes exposed a corrupt sheriff in Wolf’s Ear. Taika masterfully distracted law enforcement by creating a domestic dispute, which resulted with the introduction of Mama Griska (along with her bucket) and the incarceration of Tiberiu. Nikolai and Malhon stole the phony gem used by the sheriff to manipulate the town and gave it to the farmers collective. Nikolai leads the collective into town to confront the sheriff (uses special ability incite riot 1/day) and the sheriff is struck down (Smokey delivers the killing blow). The town is reestablished under new leadership and Tiberiu is released.

The caravan heads through the Churlwood and is met by some Ulfen riders, who originally pass by but later ambush the party. The riders attempt to kidnap Ameiko and Taika but are thwarted. Ameiko is dramatically rescued by Malhon, but not before falling less than gracefully from her assailant’s horse.

Then a flurry of mysterious and supernatural activity takes place. While searching for the bandit’s horses (which are not recovered), Malhon has a vision of Gorum giving him extremely formidable armor only to awaken to find no such armor. The party also learns that Seros and Taika are gone. The band limps into Roderic’s Cove with a cloud of uncertainty hanging over their head. They also learn of the presence of more northern raiders in the town, which will have to be confronted.

Adventure Hooks:
Brinewall mystery
What happened to the horses in the Churlwood?
Who are these raiders from the North?
Why were the raiders looking to kidnap Tian women?

Out With the Old, In With the New
The Ol' Switcheroo

Nikolai had been harboring reservations about Dinilo since the beginning, given Dinilo’s obvious Sczarni affiliation, but between the violent outburst in Galduria and the absolute bungling of the situation in Wolf’s Ear, it was clear that action needed to be taken. Sandru was difficult to convince, but Nikolai’s calm logic persevered, and in the end, the pair confronted Dinilo and sent him fleeing into the night—after returning the healing potions he’d drawn from the company supplies.

Dinilo will no doubt come back some day; sociopaths like that are rarely content to accept defeat. However, for all his battle prowess, he is not so foolish as to confront Nikolai and Sandru together … at least not yet.

Although Dinilo’s presence was not missed, his role in the caravan did need to be filled—serendipitously, the next morning, an awkward young half-elf named Seros Kyddan arrived. Known to Koya as a friend of her mother’s, he explained that he had made a promise to the late Madame Mvashti that he would accompany Koya should she ever take a trip out of Sandpoint—and that he had been off in the wilderness when she so abruptly packed up and left with the caravan. Accordingly, he has been chasing after for several days, and has only just caught up.

From the Personal Files of Malhon the Red
The Screwball Letters

Addressed to Taranna D’Marr, Sanatarium of the Eternal Rose, Korvosa, Varisia

Dearest Mother,

I apologize that it has been so long since my last letter but since single handedly slaying the Soggy River Monster things have been quite busy. I was awarded numerous medals by the leaders of Sandpoint and was invited to participate in a cartography expedition. Only respectable work for me, so I know you would be proud.

Our group was ambushed by foul goblins which attacked us from all sides. They used witchcraft to entangle everyone in our group but me. I easily escaped but I was embarrassed for the rest, who floundered in the weeds. The goblins also were able to catch some of our wagons and horses on fire. Nikolai, the angry man I told you about, showed no regard for the animals but I made sure to extinguish them even at great risk to myself. I do remember how you love animals.

I also took time to rescue Taika, the dragon-flesh eater, from the snares. You always taught me to be a gentleman. Which I fear could lead to jealously within our ranks. For all the women in our expedition are lovesick for me. They fawn over me and compete for my affections, but I remain untethered by any matrimonial bonds.

Once the goblins were dispatched, I gave long-term care to Tiberiu who was seriously injured. He is a humorless man, though I do like him more than most humans. I sing inspiring songs to him, to give him courage and boost his poor morale. He’s said more than once that I might be one of the best singers in the world. You can thank your friends from the temple of Shelyn for their recent contribution towards my singing lessons.

Next our party encountered an over zealous library official who insisted to search our wagons for a stolen book. Dinilo was eager to argue, but I calmly diffused the confrontation by letting the official know that her fallacious arguments only created a surveillance state. You can see that the money Aunt Malinci gave me for an education was not wasted. We captured the thief and were awarded the key to the city. However, we couldn’t stay long as we had to get back to our mapmaking.

We came to Wolf’s Ear and were greeted with much pomp. The poor farmers sought our assistance against a crooked sheriff. I persuaded the group to not do anything rash or illegal and we shall confront the man lawfully in the morning. I’m sure we shall reach a gracious accord. I have enclosed 11 gold to help with your treatment.

Your loving son,

The Allegory of the Cave

Today our heroes protagonists wandered about in the wilderness like drunks with ADHD. First they went back to the goblin village and set out after the skeletons, but then they got distracted from that and set out after the soggy river monster’s slime trail. Then they got distracted by a weird rat thing in a house that fell over. The rat thing remains unidentified.

Then they got distracted again by a ship they were passing, wherein they found some loot. Finally they tracked the river monster(s) back to their lair and then ran like hell because they were big and ugly.

They camped with their halfling friend for the night then set out for the second boat, found not much, and finally went into a cavern where they had to fight off a swarm of undead and then some undead samurai or something and got some loot. With that loot, they managed to become relatively wealthy as far as the WBL table is concerned, and begin the plot shenanigans that moves the campaign forward.

Adventure hooks from last time:

  1. Why was the Faceless Stalker replacing the Warden?
  2. What’s the deal with that pale little swamp monster thing?
  3. What’s up with the skeletons?
  4. What’s the cave marked on the map?
  5. What’s with the two ships marked on the map?
  6. What’s the deal with that rumor about ghouls in the graveyard?
  7. Where were the goblins getting fireworks?
  8. What’s the giant red bird that appears before accidents?
  9. Rumors say a big black dragon has been seen near Mosswood.

New adventure hooks:

  1. Brinewall!
The Licktoad Goblins
The Rending of Gutwad

Today our intrepid adventurers met in a tavern, formed an unlikely alliance, and went out to kill some sentient creatures.

First, they met a snake, and captured it, then went to talk to a weird hermit Halfling who likes snakes. It turns out the Halfling was being impersonated by a tiny little Faceless Stalker, but our heroes—very singleminded in their quest—opted to continue on their way and kill Goblins. The real Halfling deigned to accompany them, although he seemed awfully distracted for most of the fighting. It should also be noted that our heroes apparently saw a swamp monster of some kind outside the Halfling’s shack, although details remain unclear.

Many Goblins were slain by our protagonists, including His Mighty Girthness Chief Rendwattle Gudwad, and miscellaneous treasures were recovered, including a map of the swamp with two other locations clearly marked. (Fortunately, the mighty Goblin heroes Reta Bigbad, Chuffy Lickwound, Poog of Zarongel, and Mogmurch were out at the time—but that’s another story altogether.)

It appears that the Goblin stronghold had been attacked by skeletons not long before our intrepid adventurers arrived, and there were skeletal tracks leading south. Having gotten pretty thoroughly whupped in the process of clearing out these Goblins, however, our heroes opted to return to town, cash in the ears and head of their prey, and sell off the unique treasures they found for a pittance. That pittance then being traded for a wand of healing magic and a few pieces of equipment, they ventured once more into the swamp, or presumably they will, next time.

Adventure hooks we should pursue:

  1. Why was the Faceless Stalker replacing the Warden?
  2. What’s the deal with that pale little swamp monster thing?
  3. What’s up with the skeletons?
  4. What’s the cave marked on the map?
  5. What’s with the two ships marked on the map?
  6. What’s the deal with that rumor about ghouls in the graveyard?
  7. Where were the goblins getting fireworks?
  8. What’s the giant red bird that appears before accidents?
  9. Rumors say a big black dragon has been seen near Mosswood.
Character Creation

Allowed materials for this campaign are any Paizo products. I strongly recommend you look over the Jade Regent Player’s Guide (free at before you start thinking about character designs. We will be using the Ultimate Campaign rules for backgrounds and downtime.

To make life more interesting, stats will be a 4d6 roll, rerolling any 1s and then discarding the lowest die. Per Khet’s rules, you get one ‘folio’ reroll during the background creation – make it count!

Plan for character creation on the morning of 6/8 (1-2 hrs), with game starting on 6/22 (4 hrs). Start time will be 10am EDT unless there’s an objection.


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