PFS: Jade Regent

Sleeping Beauty

"The Wight Stuff"

While still celebrating the hard fought victory over the Ulfen raiders, the party is joined by Snow Strike, a curious beast and friend of Ameiko. He brings innumerable talents to the party along with his long-suffering affection for its leader. Yet even with this additional care for her well being, Ameiko’s condition worsens and she slips into a magical coma.

In an effort to free her from this stasis, the group hurriedly advances to Brinewall and scours the abandoned town for answers. They find a glassworks that reminds them of Ameiko’s family history along with abandoned longboats and a drake carcass. They also discover the crypt of an admiral in a well kept cemetery.

As the party enters the keep, they are aggressively met by bird men with no common understanding. Advancing to the courtyard, they are ambushed by spider webs and inhabitants of that environ. Yet the most bizarre encounter comes within the great hall, as the heroes are waylaid by thespian avians, whose refaced director disappears before their eyes.

Finally they are met by the dragon-helmet clad relative of Ameiko, who has long been deceased. The battle takes its toil, but the champions of the unconscious beauty are victorious. They regroup in camp to heal from their wounds and prepare to make a deeper run into Brinewall.


LorraineHarrington Cfoot

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