PFS: Jade Regent

Rest in Peace

"Hugs from Bugs"

The heros return to Brinewall castle in an effort to find a way to deliver Amekio from her coma and uncover more clues about past events. They uncover evidence of riots in the town, a battle againsts large axe wielders, and a ninja vs. barbarian showdown. They also have some showdowns of their own versus an evil cleric (who lost his religion thanks to a disarming android), a bug that gave some bad touches, and a sadistic fey with a taxidermy fetish. All are put down through keen tactics, superior firepower, and a little something we like to call blind luck. The party lays to rest all the remains of the victims of their dispatched foes in the graveyard of Desna and meet a new spritly ally. In spite of the rest given to the fallen, more of the keep must be cleared out before true peace and restoration can come to Brinwall.


LorraineHarrington Cfoot

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